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The internet has changed every aspect of our lives and this includes travel from the traditional way of travel planning to modern ways. Booking and planning your trip with a few clicks.

More and more travelers are now geared toward DIY travel planning, clinic eliminating “middlemen” and cut the total travel cost. Planning and booking your own hotel and airfare gives you more savings and freedom.

Traiblazers for online travel like Expedia and Agoda have let travelers control their travel experience by offering cheap flights, here cheap hotels and various travel deals. All these at the comfort of one’s home – anytime, anywhere.

We at MyHotelsWorld are happy to offer you the same experience not just for cheaper and affordable travel but convenient and hassle-free travel planning. Like big travel sites, we have a large volume of hotels from different countries and destinations.

Click to our “By Destination” tab and you will see a good list of hotels from cheap hotels to luxury suites. Or if you prefer to stay with your favorite hotel brand, check our “By Name” menu and see if your favorite hotel chain has a property to where you will be traveling.

We focus on perfecting online travel.

More options and easy navigation. We give you the best choices. Give you access to latest travel deals. These are just some of the reasons why you should book your vacation with us.

Find, book and enjoy your hotel. We add more and combine cheap flights and even car rentals. We develop our site to make price comparison easier. All in one interface and you can easily see the best price, fast and hassle-free.

Make MyHotelsWorld your one-site for all your travel needs.


MyHotelsWorld may ask for your name, order website, phone number and email address. We may use your email address and/or phone number to provide you with news and information about MyHotelsWorld. Be advised that MyHotelsWorld does not disclose, resell or redistribute any personal or private information you provide during the registration process.