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Mini-Guide to Marrakech

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The second most expensive city in the US and a top holiday destination with its tropical setting and cosmopolitan vibe, order cheap Honolulu is one getaway for all types of travelers. Nature-inspired activities are must-dos, viagra 60mg surfing will never be absent along with hiking to Honolulu’s craters.


What other things can you enjoy in Honolulu?


Wet and Wild


What is going to Honolulu without trying to surf? Surfing dudes and competitions are common sights throughout Hawaii but riding the waves even for a short time is a nice memory of Honolulu. The waters in the area are friendly for seasoned surfers and for beginners.  Finding a surfing school for you is also easy.


For groups with young kids, get close to nature at the comfort of a modern and indulging deluxe boat with West Side Tour’s Deluxe Family Cruise. Kids and adults can have close interaction with marine animals like dolphins in this trip and sea turtles in their natural habitat.



A Peek at the Past


Visiting museums are great for some low time after a series of beach activities with the surf and sun. Bishop Museum will give you a glimpse of Honolulu’s Pacific history and heritage with their vast archeological artifacts and finds.


Shangri-la is not the international hotels and resort chain or the mythical Eden in the Himalayas. Honolulu’s Shangri-la is a historical-home-turned-museum. The luxurious residence of Doris Duke, visitors can see collections of items that only an heiress like Doris can possess at its Damascus Room. Exhibits dates all the way from the Late Ottoman period.




A world-class destination, Honolulu houses major brands an upscale boutique. Staying true to souvenir shopping, head to Chinatown for great finds at discounted rates.  Check out shops and boutiques carrying locally designed clothes, bags and yes, the Aloha merchandize.


Something new


Honolulu offers major twists of activities. Paddleboard yoga is offered by many resorts in the city while others can test their bodies with aerial yoga. Samadhi Yoga is one of the places that you can try these acrobatic yoga. Interested guests can avail classes, workshops or just enjoy watching their shows.



Honolulu is one destination that let you enjoy urban attractions and natural wonders. Let these activities enjoy the best of the city even for a brief getaway.


Who wouldn’t fall in love visiting exotic places for cheap holidays? A new kid on every travel bucket list is the city of Marrakech, look Morocco’s major city and top tourist destination. A trip of Marrakech can be noisy and crowded but the kind of cultural experience is simply irreplaceable. Travelers all over the world swear Marrakech is a place one should visit at least once in a lifetime.


When to go


Located in Africa, Morocco and its territories experience higher temperature, hence, it is advisable to avoid summer as the heat can be excruciating for tourists. Marrakech’s weather makes it attractive for Europeans who are looking for places to escape harsh winters back home. Best time to visit this Moroccan gem is September and May. For cheap holidays Marrakech, book on April, June or August and October.


Where to Go


The center of attraction of Marrakech is in Medina, the old and a historic district in the city. As a UNESCO heritage site, Djema El-Fna square captures all the action for visitors. Enjoy souks or marketplace here and watch the action. If you want to retreat, find a seat to any café surrounding the square and enjoy the action without the hassle.


Hammams or baths are great places not just for relaxation but for cultural immersion as well. There are many bathhouses in the city. For convenience, you can always ask your Marrakech hotels for recommendations.


Majorelle Garden, a French-built green space in Marrakech is a nice place to unwind and to take a break from the souks and the crowd. A wonderful place to feel your Moroccan experience, drop by at the Museum of Islamic Art which is housed at the bright blue and yellow building within the property.


Saadin Tombs is the burial grounds of the Saadin rulers during the 16th and 17th century. Peaceful garden makes strolling around the area meaningful and visitors will be impressed from the intricate Muslim mosaics decorating the tombs.


A rich city like Marrakech, there is many palaces to explore, many of them now converted into museums. One of these is the Palais Dar Si Said that is now the Museum of Moroccan Arts.


What to Eat and Drink


Orange juice and dates is for Marrakech as it is coffee and gelato in Italy. Many tourists should not be surprised when vendors sell and offer these treats while enjoying a stroll in the city.  Enjoying Moroccan feast adds spice to your travel memories. If you don’t want to go far from the city center, enjoy dining at white tents put up inside the Djema El-Fna at night.


For those who want to try some luxurious dining experience, travel outside the city to Ville Nouvelle and enjoy finest meals, mostly non-Moroccan dishes.


What to shop


The presence of souks makes it illogical not to shop during your holidays in Marrakech. Visiting souks also means observing and getting to know local goods like spices. Argan oil is a must buy. Used both in cooking and for beauty purposes, this oil is the “it” beauty oil nowadays and only produced in Morocco.


For fashion, you can shop for slippers and shoes as well as other leather goods as they are of the highest quality for much lesser price. Not to be missed are cashmere shawls.


Marrakech is a wonderful destination for those looking for a different culture to embrace. A different world to experience, only at Morroco’s major city of Marrakech.

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