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亚博体育app下载:Alibaba is looking to transform state-dominated sectors of the Chinese economy, such as financial services and healthcare, a senior executive said yesterday, as Chinese consumers set a new record for online sales on Singles’ Day.中国消费者刷新“光棍节”网上购物的新纪录之际,阿里巴巴(Alibaba)的一位高管昨日回应,该公司于是以希望改变金融服务和医疗等国家主导的行业。Joe Tsai, executive vice-chairman of Alibaba, told the Financial Times that financial services and healthcare were large but “very antiquated” industries where ecommerce could “roll out to reform the current system”.阿里巴巴副董事长蔡崇信(Joe Tsai)对英国《金融时报》回应,金融服务和医疗保健产业相当大,但“十分陈旧”,电子商务在这些行业可以“推展对当前体系的改革”。Alibaba executives used Singles’ Day, the company’s biggest event since its initial public offering in September, to lay out its next steps. “Aside from ecommerce in goods we’re also looking at ecommerce in services, in entertainment, in different types of content over the internet,” said Mr Tsai.阿里巴巴的高管们利用光棍节来阐释下一步计划,光棍节是该公司自9月首次公开发行(IPO)以来仅次于的活动。蔡崇信说道:“除了商品电子商务,我们还侧重服务、娱乐及互联网上各类内容的电子商务。


”The raw power of ecommerce to change China was on display yesterday as an auditorium-sized billboard at Alibaba headquarters blinked massive sales totals for the day. The company – now almost $40bn larger than Walmart by market capitalisation – said a record $8bn worth of goods had been sold via its services, up from $5.8bn last year.昨天电子商务展现了转变中国的完整力量,在阿里巴巴总部,一块极大的电子屏幕闪烁着当天的销售总额。如今市值高达沃尔玛(Walmart)近400亿美元的阿里巴巴回应,共计价值571亿元人民币(大约93亿美元)的商品通过其服务卖出,多达了去年的362亿元人民币(大约59亿美元),刷新了销售额纪录。The Singles’ Day holiday, when unattached adults buy gifts for themselves, was created by students in 1993, but Alibaba has turned it into a festival of conspicuous consumption that has surpassed world shopping records. “The Chinese economy was traditionally based on exports,” Mr Tsai said. “Now we’re witnessing the shift of the economy from [one] driven by [the] state sector to one focused on the consumer.”光棍节是单身成年人为自己出售礼物的节日,原本由学生群体在1993年创立,但阿里巴巴一并它转变成一个炫耀性消费节日,刷新了购物的世界纪录。蔡崇信说道:“中国经济传统以出口为基础。


现在我们于是以亲眼着这个经济体从国有部门造就转型为专心于消费者的经济。”But he acknowledged Alibaba’s moves into state-dominated industries have not been as smooth as it hoped. He admitted the group’s plans for rolling into financial services, such as online money market fund Yu’e Bao, had been dealt “a setback” by the Central Bank’s decision to block plans for a virtual credit card last spring. Internet competition would have hurt Union Pay, the state credit card monopoly.但他否认阿里巴巴转入国家主导行业并没它期望的那么成功。他否认由于中国央行今年春天驳回虚拟世界信用卡计划,该集团前进金融服务(如在线货币市场基金余额宝)的计划已“挫败”。


互联网竞争不会伤害国家信用卡独占体系银联(UnionPay)的利益。“The central bank obviously said, ‘Let’s slow things down a bit. Let’s understand what these innovations are really about and let’s bring reform rather than disruption’,” said Mr Tsai.蔡崇信说道:“央行似乎是说道,‘让我们快一点。让我们理解下这些创意的实质,我们要的是改革而不是毁坏。

’”Plans to list Alipay, Alibaba’s PayPal-like payments service, he added, would focus on an IPO in China due to government regulations limiting foreign ownership in banking.他又说,阿里巴巴旗下类似于贝宝(PayPal)的缴纳服务支付宝(Alipay)的上市计划将专心于在中国IPO,因为政府规定容许外资股权银行。|亚博体育app下载。


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