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Singapore is a strong business destination in Asia and for the past years, rx price its tourism experienced a louder boom. A great urban retreat with its modern attractions catering to families and business travelers, approved it is an outstanding gateway to Malaysia – another top Asian destination. Singapore is also synonymous to shopping and a vibrant mixture of different cultures from Malay, Chinese and Indian.

When picking a place to stay from a cheap hotel room to luxury types, location is very important. This article will recommend the best place to stay in the island-nation of Singapore based on the city-state’s top neighborhoods.

Downtown Area

Who doesn’t want to stay in the downtown area? Close to establishments from restaurants to attractions, it is the most strategic not just for leisure travelers but especially to those coming to Singapore for business. Many luxurious and top hotels in Singapore like Mandarin Oriental Singapore, Klapsons Boutique Hotel and the famous Marina Bay Sands are located here.

The Residence at Singapore Recreation Club offers lower rates and you can grab cheap hotel deals from cheap hotel websites like us. On the other hand, you will be surprised with the cheap hotel rates of Bugis Backpackers Hostel and Tree in Lodge.

Orchard Road

If you love shopping or to be at the heart of the Singapore’s entertainment venue, then book a hotel in Orchard Road. This 2.2 kilometer street also houses famous chains of hotels like Marriott Singapore, Hilton Singapore and Pan Pacific Serviced Suites Orchard Singapore. Do not be intimidated with these hotel chains, there are value hotels on this famous road. For moderately-priced hotels in Singapore, count on Hotel Grand Central and Hotel Supreme.

Sentosa Island

Located off the coast of southern Singapore, Sentosa is the nation’s top island destination visited by millions annually especially during the summer to cool off along the beach. With this, it is home to at least 13 hotels majority of them are all-inclusive resorts. Beachfront hotels in Sentosa are Siloso Beach Resort Sentosa and Resorts World Sentosa. If you want to splurge, check in at Capella Singapore.


Rochor is located in the downtown area of Singapore and for a one-way street, it is at least 28 accommodations. It has the most strategic location connecting to different areas in the city from the business center to shopping districts. With many choices, you can surely book  nice room with cheap hotel room rates. Top hotels in this neighborhood are Somerset Bencoolen, Perak Hotel and Victoria Hotel.

As a modern city, finding a good and safe place to stay in Singapore shouldn’t be a problem. Explore different accommodation options in our database or use this post as your guide. Modern amenities that guarantee  nice stay, Singapore hotels will never disappoint you.

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A lot has changed for women these days, view including the art of traveling. More and more women are now traveling alone in different parts of the world for there is something unique and exciting when you travel by yourself. For some it is the ultimate “me time” while others prefer for convenience– you go where you want to at your own time.

However, cheapest female solo travelers are more at risk compared to men. Some find it intimidating while reports of groping, approved mugging and even rape might cause horror to your family. While some female solo travelers feel totally safe, some would feel a little uncomfortable.

How do you keep safe while traveling?

Have an insider’s or local’s idea on your idea

Research is very vital when it comes to traveling. It comes in handy when you are on your own like when on a DIY  or cheap holidays. Know where to go, things to do and where and what to do. Make use of the internet for these information.

Value your valuables

Travelers are always on the target but pickpockets see a woman as an easy victim. Unless you have a black-belt in martial arts, protect your valuables. Leave jewelries behind. Wear a cross-over bag with its front panel facing your body. There are specialized clothing for keeping money that you also might consider.

Blend in

A woman traveling alone already catches attention specifically in other countries where women are often escorted or often in groups. Avoid more attention by avoiding too much skin. Some countries still view sleeveless as a liberated clothing, so research on proper clothing.

A big scarf can be useful too. You can use it for covering your arms and shoulders or cover your body while pretending to be asleep to get rid of an overly friendly passenger in your bus rides. It may be hard to conceal your hair color or tall statuesque, just walk confidently like a frequent visitor.

Invest in safety

Let go of maps and use some navigating apps for location instead. Stop entertaining motels and book a cheap hotel with good reputation especially in safety. Some hotels have a women-only floors while you can look for inns and B&B that is recommended for women. Book your cheap vacation at bed and breakfasts which are often run by women.

Be careful in what you say

A stranger who chats with you may have an honest intention but do not forget that someone might be listening or heard your conversation. It is unnecessary to share your itinerary.

Do not appear to be alone avoiding the word “ I”, use “we” instead. If you accidentally made it obvious that you are out alone, you may say, “I just want to grab a drink, then I’ll join my family later” or “We often visit this city”.

Avoid mentioning the exact place where you are staying. “We’re staying at this hotel a few blocks away”. If you’ve been offered to walk or drive going back to your hotel ( which is not a good idea by the way), stop at a different hotel. When you are sure, he/she/they are gone, go to your real hotel right away.

Limit your alcohol

Too much alcohol is a big no-no when traveling – alone or with groups. Too much will just cause you trouble. Have a bottle or one shot and then stop. Enjoy food like local cuisine rather than in cocktails and liquor.

There are more tips on how you can be safe, utilize the internet. There are travel sites and blogs written for and by female travelers. We should not weigh in too much of the risks but there is nothing wrong if you protect yourself. Though the issue of staying safe while traveling should not hinder your quest for an enjoyable traveling experience, but it is better safe than sorry.





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We want you to pay the lowest price possible for your hotel. Should you find your hotel room at a lower online rate after you have booked with a site listed on MyHotelsWorld, here we will refund you the difference, malady provided that this lower rate is available on a website:

*Other than those websites available for booking on MyHotelsWorld, and

*Other than the official site, accessible from the hotel page on MyHotelsWorld, via the “official” site link.

You must contact us within 24 hours of making your booking to be eligible for the Best Price Guarantee.

Conditions apply:

1. The lower rate must be available on the website that is not participating in MyHotelsWorld comparison process.

2. You must book your room with the best priced booking provider having used MyHotelsWorld.

3. As hotel prices can change frequently, you must contact us by email at within 24 hours of purchasingyour hotel room from the lowest priced booking provider using MyHotelsWorld. Your email should include the following information: your name, reservation number, copy of the confirmation e-mail/voucher and the website where the lower rate is available. Incomplete or inaccurate emails will not be taken into account.

4. The guarantee is not applicable for same day bookings.

5. The guarantee only applies in respect of a lower rate that is available for online booking. The lower online rate must be bookable when we validate your claim, within the 24 hour period, screen shots will not be accepted as proof.

6. The lower rate must be found online for an equivalent room at the same hotel as booked through the best priced booking provider using MyHotelsWorld on the same check-in and check-out dates with the same booking conditions.

7. The lower rate must be in the same currency.

8. MyHotelsWorld will only refund the difference between the rate found on the lowest priced booking provider that participates with MyHotelsWorld and the lower rate if your reservation through the MyHotelsWorld participating provider is completed and not cancelled and not subject of a no-show.

9. “Best Price Guarantee” does not apply to hotel rooms purchased through or in combination with membership rates, frequent stay, loyalty points or other “reward” type programs or special promotions of the hotel where the booking is made. Lower rates available through opaque sites where the exact hotel isn’t known until after booking are also excluded from the guarantee.

10. If your claim is successful the “Price Difference Refund” will be issued within 30 days after the check-out date of your reservation with the best priced booking provider listed on MyHotelsWorld.

11. Payment can be made to PayPal accounts, US and Australian bank accounts.

For the most updated version of the above Best Price Guarantee, please check out the following link here